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A counterfeit product is an illegal copy of the legitimate, original product. Such illegal products can be hard goods, software, music, pharmaceuticals, components or any other imaginable thing that has value to copy. At the moment, estimates place 75% of counterfeit goods coming from Greater China with the remaining 25% from Russia, Eastern Europe and other parts of Asia.


The diverse technical backgrounds of TechLaw’s patent attorneys and agents allows us to effectively pursue patent protection in virtually every field of technology. This encompasses biotech, pharmaceutical and inorganic chemistry discoveries, as well as medical devices and electrical/mechanical matters, Internet, software and telecom inventions.


TechLaw LLP’s trademark attorney practice represents single trademark owners, as well as larger enterprises with portfolios of more than 100 trademarks. We perform various searches and analyses of trademarks for infringement determinations and registrability. We offer cost-effective trademark monitoring services that insure our clients’ marks are policed worldwide and often take on trademarks that other law firms have “given up” on, and argue them through to registration.


Our copyright attorneys insure that your valuable rights are properly registered. Copyright registration is necessary – whether you are protecting the latest version of a valuable software code – the next best selling book – or an infomercial that is set to market a billion dollar product. Proper copyright registrations can be used effectively in the battle against counterfeiters who may try to illegally advertise their products.

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All of our clients pursue intellectual property registrations or develop internal intellectual property assets to leverage in their business or to generate revenue through licensing. We advise our clients on creating the appropriate business entities and structures to exploit these valuable assets in the most efficient manner.

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