Sam K. Tahmassebi, Ph.D.

Founding Partner

Dr. Tahmassebi, a founding partner of TechLaw LLP, is a patent attorney registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and admitted to practice law in California. He specializes in obtaining patent protection for chemical, pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device inventions. He is also an adjunct professor of law at the University of San Diego School of Law.

office: 619.203.2579

fax: 619.923.0888

  • University of San Diego, School of Law (J.D., cum laude)
  • University of Washington (Ph.D.)
  • University of California, San Diego (B.A.)


  • Patent Protection
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biotech


Sam's Bio

Dr. Tahmassebi has substantial experience in the preparation and prosecution of both U.S. and foreign patent applications, counseling on patent strategy, patent infringement issues, and intellectual property due diligence, as well as in authoring opinion letters regarding patent invalidity and non-infringement.

He has conducted numerous IP due diligence projects in relation to mergers and acquisitions, venture capital investments, and initial public offerings (IPO). Dr. Tahmassebi has also frequently represented clients in preparation and/or negotiation of licensing contracts, confidential disclosure agreements (CDA), material transfer agreements (MTA), collaboration agreements, consultation agreements, and IP-related documents associated with SEC filings. He currently represents clients in a wide range of technologies, including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and medical devices.

Dr. Tahmassebi received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Chemistry/Biochemistry from the University of California, San Diego, Revelle College. He then went on to obtain his Ph.D. in organometallic chemistry from the University of Washington. Dr. Tahmassebi then worked as a research associate at the University of Rochester, where he designed organometallic catalysts for the production of organosulfur compounds. Subsequently, he was an adjunct professor of chemistry at University of San Diego.

Dr. Tahmassebi received his J.D. from the University of San Diego School of Law in May of 2000, graduating cum laude. He received CALI Awards in Criminal Law, UCC Sales and Commercial Paper, Patents and Tradesecrets, Biotechnology Law, and Intellectual Property law. Upon graduation, he was admitted to the Order of the Coif.

While in law school, Dr. Tahmassebi worked as a patent agent and a law clerk at Lyon & Lyon, LLP, a leading intellectual property firm, where he also worked as an associate following graduation from law school. Following the dissolution of Lyon & Lyon, Dr. Tahmassebi served as an associate in the San Diego office of Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, LLP. He also was Of Counsel to Vista IP Law Group LLP.

In addition to his admissions to the California and U.S. PTO bars, Dr. Tahmassebi is also admitted to practice before the United States District Court for the Southern District of California, the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, and the Supreme Court of the United States. He is also a long-standing member of the American Chemical Society, American Bar Association, American Intellectual Property Law Association, San Diego Intellectual Property Law Association, and Licensing Executives Society. Dr. Tahmassebi speaks Farsi fluently and is conversational in Spanish. Dr. Tahmassebi served as the Chair of the San Diego chapter of the Licensing Executives Society (2007-2008) and is currently the CFO of the Iranian American Life Science Network.

Dr. Tahmassebi can be reached by e-mail at, by telephone at 619.203.2579, by facsimile at 619.923.0888, or by Skype at Sam.Tahmassebi.

Representative Patents

Below is a list of representative patents that Dr. Tahmassebi has prosecuted. Please click on each patent number to obtain a PDF copy of the issued patent.

6,436,659 Biological indicator for sterilization processes with double buffer system

6,448,089 Multiwell scanner and scanning method

6,458,554 Biological indicator for sterilization processes with double buffer system

6,468,800 Systems and methods for rapidly identifying useful chemicals in liquid samples

6,528,529 Compounds with activity on muscarinic receptors

6,551,555 Apparatus with a chemical indicator for indicating exposure to an oxidative sterilant or disinfectant

6,607,475 Hand-actuated articulating surgical tool

6,756,393 Azacyclic compounds

6,790,429 Methods of synthesizing an oxidant and applications thereof

6,805,664 Clutch for stabilizing and adjusting a probe in laparoscopic surgery

6,815,458 Azacyclic compounds

6,818,117 Electrochemically directed self-assembly of monolayers on metal

6,852,742 1,4-dihydropyridine and pyridine compounds as calcium channel blockers

6,911,452 Spiroazacyclic compounds as monoamine receptor modulators

6,951,849 Benzimidazolidinone derivatives as muscarinic agents

6,951,958 Solid phase parallel synthesis of tertiary amines

6,974,562 Methods of synthesizing an oxidant and applications thereof

7,109,198 Method for treating obesity

7,389,748 Food dispensing interlocking animal toy system

7,417,037 Compositions and methods of treatment for inflammatory diseases

7,470,420 Optical determination of glucose utilizing boronic acid adducts

7,476,529 Altering metabolism in biological processes

7,504,253 Nucleic acid encoding proteins involved in protein degradation, products and methods related thereof

7,571,935 Binding for books

7,591,234 Food dispensing interlocking animal toy system

7,612,111 Esterified fatty acid composition

7,612,199 Polymorphic forms a, b, and γ of rifaximin

7,638,507 Compositions for treatment of inflammatory diseases

7,645,730 Surfactant composition with a reduction of surface tension, interfacial tension, and critical micelle concentration using a protein-based surfactant synergist

7,658,848 Septic system cleaning

7,659,237 Increasing surface-active properties of surfactants

7,666,894 Therapy for the treatment of disease

7,678,821 Compositions for the treatment of overactive bladder

7,691,832 Methods of treatment of inflammatory diseases

7,759,301 Increasing surface active properties of surfactants

7,776,914 Esterified fatty acid composition

7,781,472 Therapy for the treatment of disease

7825265 Compounds with activity at estrogen receptors

D624,711 Dog toy